Alphabet House Nursery School
37 Windmill Lane
E15 1PG

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
Tel: 020 8519 2023

Manager's Welcome


         My name is Samina, I have Degree in Early Years Education and Leadership Practice from Kingston University and have been working in childcare for 11 years in various settings such as Private nurseries, Schools, Pre-schools and Children Centres. I am passionate in supporting young children in their learning and development process, and I am very keen to provide high standards and a good quality of service to children and their families. I feel extremely rewarded to be part of, and to watch each child’s development as they grow. I also take great pride in supporting my team in their personal and professional development process. I believe that the early years are very important in a child’s life and early education is a foundation for a successful future so it is extremely important to provide children with the care of experienced and skilful adults and an environment, where children can enjoy fun learning experiences.

     I would like to introduce The Alphabet House Nursery School Stratford. 
Our nursery is registered for 78 places, we provide care and education for children aged 3 months – 5 years with a 10% sibling discount. The nursery provides free NEG hours for 2,3 and 4year olds. We also run an After school club during term time and Holiday club throughout the school holidays for children aged 5-10 years. The nursery is opened for 51 weeks throughout the year, operating 5 days a week from 8am to 6pm. The nursery is closed during Bank holidays and Christmas and staff training. We are situated in the heart of Stratford where parents/carers have easy access to public transport (National Rail, Underground, DLR and buses).

     Our premises are secured by CCTV both indoor and outdoor and access is only granted by authorised staff members after identification is verified. At The Alphabet House Nursery School, the needs of the children and their families are paramount. We are committed to providing high quality care and learning opportunities within a happy and safe environment. We recognise the importance of working closely with parents; therefore we hold regular parents evening, play and stay sessions, coffee evenings and workshops in order to build and develop effective relationships with the child and families.

     Each child is allocated a “key person” who has the responsibility of ensuring a smooth transition from home to nursery and nursery to school. We have spacious and well resourced rooms for our various age ranges and each room reflects the children’s interests, and development stages. All of our facilities are designed to be accessible to every child. We are highly committed to involving all parents in their children’s learning and development process, so we provide Online Learning books for parents to have access and make contribution to support their children’s learning at their own convenient time. This facility is particularly useful  for working or studying parents.

     All main meals and snacks are prepared on site by our professional chef in our 5 star kitchen. Daily menus are carefully selected by a professional nutritionist to meet energy requirements for growing children. Our fees are inclusive of freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and drinks. The Alphabet House Nursery School is committed to training and developing the capable staff we recruit, we deliver in-house training for staff, as well as externally funded training programmes and support learners while they work towards their qualifications. Training not only keeps our practitioners up to date on the latest childcare development, policies and procedures, but also motivates and inspires them, so they have the knowledge and vision to deliver the best possible care to your children.


Each day alongside the child led play, our trained and skilful practitioners plan some purposeful activities so that children gain meaningful experiences either directly or indirectly through the use of resources, combining the EYFS curriculum and Montessori. Activities include art and craft, dancing, singing and listening to stories, learning to read and write, cooking, science, the 'Home corner' and role play. The babies are often seen having fun with messy play including spaghetti play and paint. They also love stories, songs and mark making using big pencils and crayons. Even nappy changing, potty training or toilet time are opportunities for singing, talking, counting and more; the learning opportunities are endless and not to be missed!

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

We follow the Government’s statutory framework - The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This framework guides staff about children’s developmental stages; appropriate activities, resources and staff interaction with the children that will enhance their learning potential and also identify any specific areas of a child's development that may need further support. Our staff are professional, approachable and responsive. They will always take time to provide you feedback about your child’s day. Every day your child will have made something new to show you, share with you and talk about, whether it be a piece of writing or a wonderful painting that you might not be able to recognise as yourself! There is a great atmosphere at the nursery and a buzz of happy voices as children go about their daily lives, contentedly playing and learning. Please feel free to call us to book a show around or for any other enquiries. We are always happy to see a new face and welcome you to our Alphabet world.

Yours Sincerely,
Samina Shahid