Starting Nursery

✿ Nursery experience is often a child’s first venture alone into the larger world outside the family and the home. What children experience and learn in nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build in later life, this is why at the Alphabet House Nursery we believe it is essential that these first experiences are of the highest quality. By working in partnership with parents we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a warm, friendly extension of home, where children and adults can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together, developing as happy, confident and independent individuals within their community.

✿ After registration, during the first few visits to our nurseries, you will be introduced to your child’s key person who is a point of contact and who will build a secure relationship with the child and family. A child’s key person works closely with the parents during their child’s settling in period, so that the child becomes familiar with the room and feels safe and secure when their parents say goodbye. The key person learns how to care for their key child’s routines, toilet training, dressing, eating, resting or sleeping. So that they are personal to each child and work with parents to observe, plan and record their child’s individual care, learning and development.
✿ The key person is a named member of staff who has responsibility and more contact for a small group of key children.