Starting Nursery

✿ Nursery experience is often a child’s first venture alone into the larger world outside the family and the home. What children experience and learn in nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build in later life, this is why at the Alphabet House Nursery we believe it is essential that these first experiences are of the highest quality. By working in partnership with parents we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a warm, friendly extension of home, where children and adults can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together, developing as happy, confident and independent individuals within their community.

✿ After registration, during the first few visits to our nurseries, you will be introduced to your child’s key person who is a point of contact and who will build a secure relationship with the child and family. A child’s key person works closely with the parents during their child’s settling in period, so that the child becomes familiar with the room and feels safe and secure when their parents say goodbye. The key person learns how to care for their key child’s routines, toilet training, dressing, eating, resting or sleeping. So that they are personal to each child and work with parents to observe, plan and record their child’s individual care, learning and development.
✿ The key person is a named member of staff who has responsibility and more contact for a small group of key children.

8am to 8.30
Welcoming children and self registrations for older children. Whilst our babies and toddlers are taken by practitioners, our pre school children search for their names on the white board and either pick out their names or write their names. This is a way of encouraging children to develop early reading and writing skills, as well as preparing them for school. 

08.30am to 9am
The children gather together with practitioners and are served a choice of breakfast options which include hot breakfast and consist of healthy cereals, a glass of milk, porridge, oats, toast, fresh fruits, dried fruits, etc. 

9am to 9.15am
Children settle for circle times. For younger children this would be stories being read by practitioners using a range of props such as book bags, story bags, hand puppets, etc and for older children, they are encouraged to get involved in telling stories to their friends. This is usually the core book of the month which practitioners and children have been exploring. The core book story is exciting for children as this is used to extend children's learning and further activities are planned out linked to this specific story. 

9.15 to 10am
Children will be taking part now in key group activities. These are focused activities planned by the key person, following on from the previous weeks observations. This adult focussed activity ensures that the children are challenged in their learning, they are offered opportunities to extend their thinking and their language. Focus activities are targets set by the children's key person, meeting individual children's interests and their abilities. 

10am to 11am
(Children are encouraged to help themselves to healthy snacks and a glass of milk) 
Outdoor play - our settings promote outdoor play all throughout the play. Our doors are left open all throughout the day and the outdoor area is set up, promoting all areas of learning. Our indoor provision is extended outdoors to ensure that every child is able to explore, investigate, create, and develop across all areas of learning. The activities range from painting, mud kitchen, bike riding, taking risks, climbing, football, role play, water and sand play, construction, rolling real tyres and much more! 

11am to 12pm
Children gather again for their lunch meal. Our on site cooks prepare healthy and exciting lunches for the children alongside a portion of delicious dessert. 
Our settings are a part of the Early years healthy eating scheme and all of our menus are checked and approved by professional local authority nutritionists. 

12pm to 2pm
This is usually sleep/ rest time for most children. For those who would not sleep, they're offered a range of quiet activities with practitioners engaging alongside them. The children have the opportunity to explore various activities and access free play. 

2pm - Children are offered a healthy snack with a drink, usually water or a glass of milk. 

2pm to 3pm
Children would continue with "child led play". These are opportunities for the practitioners to follow children's interests. Practitioners allow children to choose where they want to be and what they want to explore within the classroom and the outdoor play area. 

3pm to 3.30pm
Phonics session will take place with older children. We use Phase 1 of the phonics and encourage the older children to participate in basic phonic activities using prop bags and lots of adult interactions. 
The younger children will also have carpet time where they would sing songs, dance to their favourite nursery rhymes, and so on. 

Tea Time
Children and practitioners sit down to eat tea. Meal times is a great opportunity for children to be independent, for example pouring their own glass of water, serving their own plate of food, and lots of positive conversations take place by the practitioners to encourage children to eat and the importance and the benefits of eating good food, such as "eating these vegetables will make you very strong". Etc. 

4pm to 4.30
Children explore in the outdoor area, with all the named activities above and more. 

4.30pm to 6pm
Free play, saying good byes to our friends, rushing home to get some rest and gear up for the next morning for another day at the Alphabet House Nursery School!