Parent's Place

When your child attends the Alphabet House Nursery we build on the foundations which you have laid and will continue to develop at home with your family.

You are the most important people in your children’s lives and always will be, so we need your help to ensure that your children progress and achieve success in reaching their potential. Once your children are really settled at nursery, we hope you will be able to stay and help from time to time. Parents are always welcome in nursery at any time. You only need to call and arrange with the Manager. You can help in so many different ways – talking with the children, joining in activities, sharing books with children, helping them on the computer, woodwork, baking, playing games, accompanying us on visits, or helping with jobs around the nursery – whatever suits you is great for us.

The partnership between the family and the nursery staff is crucial to children’s happiness and development. We also appreciate regular feedback. This helps us to maintain our high standards and good quality or improve as the case may be.

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