About Us

✿ Our nursery schools are opened for 51 weeks throughout the year, operating 5 days a week from 8am to 6pm. We are closed during Bank holidays and Christmas and staff training days which parents are informed of. We are a paying provision for children from ages 3 months to 5 years, and we also provide funded hours for eligible 2 year old and 3- 4 year. Furthermore, we offer a 10% sibling discount.

✿ All our nursery schools are fully covered by CCTV both indoors and outdoors and to ensure a high  level of security, each nursery has electronic gates/doors on entrance. This ensures that the children and all within the nursery are kept safe. At Alphabet House Nursery School the needs of the children and their families are paramount. We are an inclusive nursery and are committed to providing high quality of care and great learning opportunities within a happy, safe and stimulating environment.

✿ We work very closely with parents: Typically during the year, we hold parents evening, play and stay sessions, coffee evenings, information sessions for parents. Each child is allocated a “key person” who has responsibility to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery. The member of staff in each room has responsibility to update their key child’s board and records accordingly.

Alphabet House Nursery School Aims:

Ⓐ To give every child, regardless of race, background, belief, sex or ability the opportunity to develop to their full potential in an environment that is happy, warm and stimulating and one which promotes the self-confidence of each child.

Ⓑ To extend each child’s range of profitable learning experience beyond that which can easily be provided within the family but in ways that are complimentary to family values.

Ⓒ To use a range of materials and equipment in progressive ways to stimulate and advance the children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Ⓓ To develop children’s early knowledge, understanding and skills in ways that provide a sound basis for later education i.e.  ability to listen and to talk about and record their experiences with increasing understanding, competence, confidence and fluency.

Ⓔ To make meaningful observations of children in order to learn about them and their interests, record their starting points, note their progress or lack of it and  plan for any intervention necessary and their next steps in each area of learning.

Ⓕ To use play activities to stimulate and build upon children’s natural curiosity and to enable them to learn through fostering their own interests and also from planned worth-while activities.

Ⓖ To encourage each child to experiment and explore their environment in order to be imaginative and creative.

Ⓗ To provide for very young children a warm, stable environment with staff who are responsive and sensitive to their needs.

Ⓘ To work in partnership with parents and value them as early educators and partners in the provision of a high standard of care for their children.

The above aims and objectives underpin the policies and procedures that have been developed taking into consideration input from staff and parents of the nursery.